Preparing for the Big Move

Moving can be expensive. That’s why it’s important to prepare your Stuff before the Hornsby removalists arrive at your house. Here are some tips that can help you prepare your items so that the Hornsby removalists can further reduce your moving costs.

Marking All Your Boxes

One of the best ways to ensure a successful move is to clearly mark every box with its destination room in your new home. Use a large black marker to label the top of each box. Make it easy for your movers to understand, so they can place the boxes in the correct location in your new home. For example, label the bedrooms with numbers instead of names like “Tony’s Room.” To avoid confusion, mark the bedrooms in the new home with numbers and affix a sheet with a large number on each door. This way, the movers can place the boxes in the right room, saving you time. Resist the urge to pack a box and then place it in one room to assist the movers. This will only slightly expedite the process and may give the impression that you’re indifferent to where the boxes go. When the movers enter the rooms to retrieve the packages, they’ll assume you want them returned to their respective rooms. Don’t assume they’ll know where to put things. By labeling rooms and boxes, a good mover will know where to place items, and you can direct them regarding furniture placement. This approach can help you hire affordable interstate removalists and safeguard your belongings.

Packing Your Dishes

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While your dishes may not be your most cherished possessions, it’s much easier to protect them during the move than to replace them. Select corrugated boxes roughly the size of a small microwave. While this might result in more boxes, it’s worth it to prevent over-packing, which could lead to breakage if a box slips from a mover’s hand. The box should be wide enough to accommodate your larger dishes with sufficient space for your hands to reach all sides. This allows you to insert your fingers to retrieve the dishes easily. Place a sheet of packing paper between each dish and add crumpled paper in all four corners for stability. You don’t need to pack all around if you’ve added enough crumpled packing paper in the corners. This way, when you unpack your dishes, you can simply slide your hands down the sides and remove the dishes without having to remove all the packing materials first. Use packing tape on both sides of the box to ensure it doesn’t break during transport. This way, you can save on the services of affordable interstate removalists and avoid having to buy new dishes.

When packing your glasses, choose a similarly sized corrugated box or one slightly smaller. Pack the inside of each glass with packing paper and wrap them individually. Position them in the box vertically and horizontally, then fill the gaps with crumpled packing paper. Remember to label the box as “Fragile” to alert your movers to handle it with extra care. You can also use bubble wrap, though it takes up more space. Alternatively, line the box with bubble wrap and wrap each glass individually in packing paper to protect your most delicate glass items.

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