15 Amazing DIY House Plants That Will Never Ever Die

There are a lot of people that find live plants hard to keep and maintain. Due to lots of work and responsibilities away from house, there are not so much time available for any of us to keep our house neat. I know that plants keep our interior live and warm but sometimes that s not really possible. For this reason, we created article with 15 interesting DIY House plants that does nor require any attention at all and will never die. Home decor has never been easier…

1. Paper Succulent

These stunning paper succulents are easy to make yourself. Get the tutorial here.

2. Felt Succulents

Get the DIY for these here.

3. Tissue Paper Branches

“Grow” your own blooming branches. Learn how here.

4. Staghorn Ferns

You can make your own Staghorn ferns with this DIY over at Design Sponge.

5. Dried Flower Wall Hangings

You can’t kill it if it’s already dead! (Well, technically, they’re dried). Get some tips here.

6. Immortal Spiral Paper Rose Plant

See how here.

7. Faux Dirt Centerpiece

These Pottery Barn-Inspired planters have fake dirt that you can make yourself.

8. Imitation Bonsai Tree

This imitation bonsai tree DIY is made with real air plants, but it’s a zillion times easier to care for than a bonsai. Directions here.

9. Topiaries

These topiaries can be made with any kind of fake plant. Instructions here.

10. Tropical Plant

This tropical project was made by painting cardboard leaves. Find it here.

11. Cupcake Plants

This festive foliage is easy to punch out and pop together. Get the book here.

12. Printed Paper Plant

DIY Source.

13. Fabric Scraps

Use some fabric scraps to DIY your own sewn plants. Or, check out this Etsy shop.

14. Printable Bamboo

Or get lucky with some printable bamboo. Download here.

15. Paper Orchids

Pretty paper orchid DIY.

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