Where to Place the Shower Niche? In-depth Guide for Homeowners

The shower niche is a magnificent storage solution if you want to add a voguish appeal to your bathroom. But homeowners often overlook the need for the right shower niche position. It is obvious since you are busy planning the design, fixtures, material, waterproofing, etc.

If you are obsessed with a custom shower niche, it makes sense to plan these details early. It takes practical thinking and an eye on the vital factors. Even a trivial loop can cause problems later.

This in-depth guide about where to place a shower niche gives you an overview of things to focus on when choosing the position.    

1. What is the Best Height to Place a Shower Niche

To get the best shower experience, you need all toiletry items handy. Hence your shower niche should not be too high or too low.

We will discuss the details about shower niche heights for both freestanding showers and bathtub shower units:

For Freestanding/Overhead Showers

Choosing the shower niche height in the freestanding shower unit depends on the people who will use the bathroom regularly. The eye level of an adult is 44 inches from the floor level. Hence 42-60 inches (elbow to the eye) is the preferred shower niche height for homeowners.

What about the kids sharing the same bathroom with their parents?

Generally, kids become ready to use the shower alone by 6-7 years of age. A six-year-old child is about 42-49 inches. Grabbing things from a 45 inches shower niche can be difficult for the little one.

Multi rack shower niche, suitable for all ages

Herein vertical shower niches gain prominence. Most vertical shower niches are 38 inches from the ground. With multiple racks installed, you can place baby products on the lower shelf for convenience.

For Bathtubs

Do you have a bathtub cum shower combo unit?

It can be annoying if you have to stand up to get the soap or shampoo bottles when using the bathtub. Most users prefer easy access while lying in the water.

Bathroom designers recommend building shower niches for bathtubs at 25-30 inches.

For Shaving Ledge

Shower niche for shaving and foot rest. Ⓒjenwoodhouse.com

Does anyone in the house need a shaving ledge in the shower enclosure?

Of course, it is a desirable addition for women in the family. Most ladies prefer a support system when shaving their legs.

A small shower niche installed at a low height (12-18 inches) can serve the purpose. You don’t have to worry about the *‘splash zone’ when building a shower niche for a shaving ledge.

*We have provided more info on the splash/spray zone later in this article.

2. Position of the Shower Niche

Choosing the right position for a shower niche is as important as height and size.

Here are some aspects to consider when selecting the wall for the shower niche:

Keep Away from the Spray Zone

Things can get messy if the water from the shower head reaches the bar soap. No one wants spatters of water to melt the soap every day.

Check where the spray of water reaches from the shower head. Your shower niches should be away from this area.  

Ease of Access

As discussed earlier, everyone needs things within reach during bath. A wall to the left or right of the faucets is often the preferred one.

Avoid the Wall Sections with Electric Wires and Pipes

This is a caution, especially for those who want to include a shower niche in the bathroom remodeling project. Your construction work can interfere with the plumbing and electrical wiring running through the wall.

You may consult an expert before starting the renovation work to avoid these complications.

Aesthetic Appeal

A shower niche is a storage area created with design aesthetics in mind. But some homeowners argue that loads of toiletry items create a cluttered look in the shower room.

You may build the shower niche on the wall beside the shower door. From the outside, everyone gets a simple view. Only the user sees the stuff after entering the enclosure.

Illumination and Visibility

The wall opposite the lighting fixtures is the best place for a shower niche. With plenty of light in the area, it is easy to find the necessary items.

If this is not possible, consider adding extra lights to get a clear view.

3. Shower Niche Size

Choosing the size of the shower niche depends on your storage space requirements. The endless choices for customization make the shower niche an ideal solution for high-traffic bathrooms.

However, a large shower niche may look too jumbled up with things. You may have a tough time cleaning and handling your belongings. Building multiple shower niches is a savior in this regard.

Two small shower niches can help you organize vanity products while adding beauty to the space. It can also help you get a separate section for your own necessities.

You may install up to 4 shower niches depending on the availability of space and storage needs. While doing so, it is vital to maintain a symmetric arrangement to enhance the look and feel.  

4. Distance from the Drainage Hole

This factor is often missed when choosing the shower niche position. It is preferable to construct the shower niche close to the drainage outlet.

When you clean the shower niche, the floor will get messy with dirt, bubbles, and water. Distance from the drainage hole will make your cleaning job complicated. The user will clean the niche and then go through a strenuous job clearing the dirt from the floor area.

Regular washing can help you eliminate such concerns if you have already installed a shower niche at a distance from the drain hole.  

Final Thoughts,

A shower niche is an incredible addition to your modern bathroom design. From contrasts to monotone impact, there are so many options to get a custom design for these structures. A flawless construction gives satisfaction so that you can use the storage space for years. 

I hope these tips will help you plan a shower niche placement in your bathroom.

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